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How to use this new version of RankItAll.com...

This is the new, improved, .net version of the site.

You can vote without an account, but to create and moderate your own show in the list you need to register and create an account.

Don't worry, we won't use your contact information to spam you. We don't care about sending you monthly notices, etc. The point of registering is to have an account to associate to each show when becoming the moderator, etc.

Please create your favourite show, and add episodes.

Episodes can be listed by air date, or by ranking based on votes.

They're updated realtime as you vote.

Please take the time to email me at webmaster@rankitall.com with bugs and suggestions as this is a beta version of the site and can still be improved based on your input.

Thanks, and enjoy.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Who am I?
A fan of some show like you. Maybe not your favorite show, but some show.
Why did I start rankitall.com?
To be honest, it was to make a few bucks ( or at least enough to pay for the web hosting ) while answering a question that burned in my heart - which episode of Buffy was really the best.
Am I making enough to cover hosting cost?
Nope, not a cent. Being fans we already own everything the ads have to offer, so no one clicks on them.
Am I OK with that?
Yep. Voting is more important - so keep voting.
Who writes these crazy episode summaries?
Not me. That's for sure. They're all over the Internet so they pretty much come from other fans who took the time to write them and send them to me. Sometimes I'll even go out and 'borrow' them. My main criteria is that they not be too long ( 200 - 300 characters each is best ) and they be short and too the point such that a person can read them very fast and know which episode you're voting on. Longer summaries are great when viewing the results page but not so good for the voting page. But, as I say, I use what I have.
But I really hate the summary, can you edit it?
If you can do better, do so. You're in control.
Your episode list is incomplete? Where's the last episode that aired?
It's up to you, the moderators to keep things up to date.
You're crazy... why are you insulting my favourite show with this bogus voting system?
If you're not happy with the system, I can find 10 people who disagree with you.
I can't figure out your 'voting' system? Enlighten us...
The voting logic went through a couple of revisions since the site went public. Initially if used some crazy ass system that looked good but wasn't very accurate. It eventually evolved into a standard win/loss ratio system. When you vote for your favourite of two randomly chosen episodes we track the win and the loss and plug these values into some simple (standard) formula to give us a win/loss ratio number which is used to sort the episodes. It's that simple, and in my opinion is pretty darn accurate... well, mostly if you don't count the Buffy episode Restless which was kinda lame except for the cheese guy.
How could you rank my favourite episode so low, or that god awful episode so high?
I didn't... you did. 150 000+ votes can't be wrong.
Can you put my favourite show in the line-up?
I'd love to, but it would be easier and faster for you to do it yourself.
I told you, but it's not listed yet?
I'm busy... do it yourself.
Do you need any other help to make this site more successful?
Sure, if you have the time and the interest. Let me know how you can help. Can you edit the summaries? Can you spell better than I can? Can you...?
Can I link to you?
Of course. The more links back to rankitall.com the better.
Do you have a link back logo?
No, but I could.
Can I spread the word in any other way?
Mention rankitall.com in your favourite forums and bring on the voters. I'm only one voice. You're one of thousands.
But I have one more question, what...?
Send your questions to me at webmaster@rankitall.com.